Code of Conduct

Capital Kunst des Fechtens Member Conduct

Document Purpose

To ensure we continue developing an inclusive and safe atmosphere at CKDF, this document highlights expected behaviors and conduct of club members.  With the adoption of our Inclusivity Statement and a focus on building an exemplary club atmosphere where all are welcome to study, practice, and learn, a document laying out expectations will help ensure we continue on this positive track.

Inclusivity Statement

CKDF is dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe training space for Historical European Martial Arts. All are welcome, and we will not tolerate discrimination based upon gender, gender identity and expression, race, sexual orientation, disability, nationality or national origin, ethnicity, age, or religion. Harassment of any sort is similarly not tolerated. Club members who demonstrate a lack of respect and compassion for their training partners will be reprimanded, and may be asked to leave the club.

Behavioral Expectations

All members are expected to demonstrate behaviors exemplifying the CKDF Inclusivity Statement. All members will treat each other with respect and courtesy. This includes using correct pronouns and names while accepting that a member’s pronouns and name may change. Discriminatory language, behavior, or any sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.

Safety Expectations

Members will practice safety precautions at all times while in the club. This includes, but is not limited to: wearing proper safety equipment, drilling and sparring at appropriate intensity levels for individual and partner-based activities, alerting instructors to safety concerns, and practicing within the capabilities of their own person.

We recognize that everyone comes to us from different backgrounds, with various skill levels and capabilities. Listen to your bodies. If you are nursing an injury, recovering from an injury, or have residual injuries, communicate these with your sparring partner and/or instructor. We practice an opt-in environment where everyone should feel safe enough to step in or out as needed in accordance with their physical limitations. We want you to challenge yourself and try new things, but want you to do so while acknowledging and adhering to limitations your own body may have.

Furthermore, in sparring scenarios it is expected that members are able to scale their abilities effectively to suit their partner. Sparring is a useful training tool and should not be an excuse to show off and/or demoralize your partner. This sparring behavior and mutual respect should be demonstrated with all armed and unarmed practices. Consent should always be obtained before escalating sparring intensity or attempting an unfamiliar technique.

Tapping should always be respected. It is not uncommon in martial arts to reach a point where one’s body simply cannot go beyond where it is. Be it static positions or during sparring / drilling. Techniques involving levels of joint manipulation will always be explained in detail during class and will have extra supervision from instructors and assistant instructors. That being said, part of being a good training partner is listening to and responding quickly to the needs of your partner. A verbal, “Tap”, physical tapping, or an agreed upon verbal queue should be adhered to without hesitation. The technique or position should be released with a check in on the partner to ensure responses were adequate and to determine where positions can be held safely.

Reporting Behaviors

Members who are experiencing harassment, unsafe training, or unsafe sparring scenarios are encouraged to report these incidents to an instructor or to Their anonymity will be preserved. Council Members are all designated safe people and will proceed with taking the necessary actions with the offending party.

Instructor Expectations

When members take on an instructor role, they are held to a higher standard and are subject to additional expectations.

Instructors will refrain from inappropriate relationships with students.  Inappropriate relationships may result in an instructor being asked to step down and in severe cases to leave the club as a whole. Sexual misconduct or discriminatory behavior of any sort will not be tolerated.

Instructors will provide coaching in friendly and respectful ways. Demeaning or abusive feedback will not be tolerated. Physical contact should not be relied upon when providing feedback. Instructors should be proficient in body positioning to a point where words and descriptions can be used to achieve desired feedback. Instructors should always seek consent prior to physical contact with students and refrain if the student does not provide consent. Inappropriate physical contact will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to caresses, gropes, and intentional contact with breasts, buttocks, and genitals.

Instructors should lead safe classes at appropriate training levels for the student population.  Unsafe training tactics will not be tolerated. Lessons should be scalable and a safe atmosphere should be enforced at all times. Instructors should encourage students but not push them to participate in environments where they feel unsafe or vulnerable to injury either mental or physical. Drills where intensity may be a concern will also need to be explained clearly so students can determine how they will participate.

Instructors should ensure that the necessary safety equipment is worn for all class activities.  Equipment requirements should be made clear at the beginning of all drills.  Students who fail to follow these requirements will be excluded from participating in drills for their and their partners’ safety.